Your Book Of Shadows

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The definitive guide to creating and using your own enchanted Book of Shadows, an essential tool for any witch looking to hone their magical workings and take their ritual work to the next level.

From choosing, decorating and personalising the book of your dreams, to chronicling your spells, rites and charms, and observing the dates of the seasonal, astrological and lunar calendar, this field guide contains everything you need to take your ritual work to the next level. When you track the magical correspondences that work best for you, you can power up your potions and evolve your enchantments. Most importantly, your Book of Shadows is a space for creativity – for the spells, musings, sketches and journaling that have special significance to you. Join best-selling author Cerridwen Greenleaf to create your own Book of Shadows and make every ritual an opportunity to refine your personal magic and increase the success of your spells.

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