Different Ways To Use Your Drums & Why.

Different Ways To Use Your Drums & Why.

Different Ways To Use Your Drums & Why. By    Dave Green Want to know more about drumming?    Why not pop along to our monthly Sound Healing & Self Expression group.  The Impact of Drummin...

HealingDrumming: Physical & Spiritual Benefits

Drumming: Physical & Spiritual Benefits

Drumming:  Physical and Spiritual Benefits By    Dave Green Want to know more about drumming?    Why not pop along to our monthly Sound Healing & Self Expression group.  Drumming is one of the ...

CrystalsExploring Shungite

Exploring Shungite

Exploring Shungite: Understanding Shungite Embracing Shungite Integrating Science and Spirituality: Five common uses of shungite

ReadingsSpiritual Readings.

Spiritual Readings.

Spiritual readings encompass a variety of methods used to gain insight, guidance, or clarity on personal or spiritual matters.  Each type of spiritual reading has its own tools, strengths and weakn...

HerbsHealing & Magical Uses of Mullein

Healing & Magical Uses of Mullein

Healing, Wellbeing, Security, Change Latin Name: Verbascum thapsus Used in magic for cleansing the past and focusing on the present.  Used in spells to make focus and purpose as well as healing ...

HerbsHealing & Magical Uses of Chamomile

Healing & Magical Uses of Chamomile

Relaxation, Immunity, Curses Latin Name: Matricaria chamomilla (German Chamomile) In magic it is used for positivity and joy.  It removes tension and generates opportunities for change in work a...

HerbsHealing & Magical Uses of Peppermint

Healing & Magical Uses of Peppermint

Change, Move, Cleansing Latin Name: Mentha × piperita Used in magic for removing blockages and generating a positive shield around us. Cleanses negative energy and creates an emotional barrier ag...

HerbsHealing & Magical Uses for Lavender

Healing & Magical Uses for Lavender

Peace, Harmony, Relaxation Latin Name: Lavandula angustifolia Used in incense and magic to create calm at times of chaos.  It brings positive sleep and dreams. In Herbal medicine Lavender is us...

Healing & Magical Uses of Rosemary

Healing & Magical Uses of Rosemary

Protection, Motivation, Curses Latin Name: Rosmarinus officinalis Used in magic by the Celts and Druids for cleansing and purification in smudging rituals. It empowers or speeds up other spell wo...

Healing & Magical Uses of Rose Petals

Healing & Magical Uses of Rose Petals

Love, Self Love, Beauty Latin Name: Rosa spp. (various species and cultivars) Used in magic for love rituals and self appreciation, spells for beauty, marriage and fertility.  In Herbal medicin...

CrystalsAll About Amethyst!

All About Amethyst!

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that is valued for its beautiful purple colour. It is a popular gemstone and has been used in jewellery and decorative objects for centuries. Here are some key c...

HerbsMugwort: Healing & Spiritual Properties.

Mugwort: Healing & Spiritual Properties.

Mugwort Latin Name: Artemisia vulgaris Other Names: Common Mugwort, Sailor's Tobacco, Felon Herb, Old Uncle Henry, Cronewort Active Ingredients: Mugwort contains various active compounds, includin...

CrystalsCrystals For Stress

Crystals For Stress

Here are 10 crystals commonly known for their calming properties and their respective details: Amethyst Alternative Names: None Chemical Formula: SiO2 (silicon dioxide) Crystal Formation: Hexagon...