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Events & Workshops

We offer a wide range of spiritual workshops at Zen.

Reiki, candle magic, learning Tarot, developing your psychic gifts plus many more!

Please note: Our workshops are for over 18's.

Location: 162 High Street Deritend, Bordesley, Birmingham B12 0LD


Psychic Readings

Our psychic uses Psychometry (holding an object to pick up on energies), Clairvoyance (to see spirit), Clairaudience (to hear spirit) Clairsentience (to feel spirit) to do their readings. Each reader is unique in the way they read please click on one of the readers to find out more about their style.

Palm & Rune Readings

Palmistry is the ancient Indian art of reading lines and creases on ones palm. The lines on the hand such as the life line, the heart line, the head line and fate line can be used to reveal the secrets of your personality. Our Palmist is trained in Numerology too and usually incorporate this into  readings. Please click on one of the readers to find out more about their readings.

Tarot Readings

Tarot has been around since the ancient Egyptian times and has been used for centuries as a divinatory tool for guidance. At Zen our readers use tarot cards to aid spiritual guidance & advice. Each reader has different decks, interpretations & ways in which they read the cards. Some will use crystals, reiki or angel cards along with Tarot cards in their readings.


Here at Zen we offer a wide range of Spiritual & Healing treatments.

Our Readers & Therapists

Learn a little bit more about each Reader & Therapist to see who you think your energy will connect with before booking an appointment.

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