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Shungite (Raw)Shungite (Raw)
Shungite (Raw) Sale priceFrom £2.00
Shungite BraceletShungite Bracelet
Shungite Bracelet Sale priceFrom £20.00
Shungite Sale priceFrom £5.00
Shungite Mobile Magnetic (Round)
Shungite Mini Bead BraceletShungite Mini Bead Bracelet
Shungite Mini Bead Bracelet Sale price£10.00
Shungite Chip BraceletShungite Chip Bracelet
Shungite Chip Bracelet Sale price£10.00
Circle Shungite Pendant
Circle Shungite Pendant Sale price£8.00
Elite ShungiteElite Shungite
Elite Shungite Sale price£7.00
Shungite Tree Of Life PendantShungite Tree Of Life Pendant
Shungite Tree Of Life Pendant Sale priceFrom £12.00
Shungite Flower Of Life PendantShungite Flower Of Life Pendant
Shungite Flower Of Life Pendant Sale priceFrom £12.00
Shungite Flat Bead Bracelet
Shungite Flat Bead Bracelet Sale price£12.00
Shungite CylindersShungite Cylinders
Shungite Cylinders Sale price£15.00
Shungite Mobile Magnetic (Rectangle)
Large Shungite Pyramid
Large Shungite Pyramid Sale price£60.00
Elite Shungite Pendant
Elite Shungite Pendant Sale priceFrom £5.00
Medium Shungite Pyramid
Medium Shungite Pyramid Sale price£40.00
Small Shungite PyramidSmall Shungite Pyramid
Small Shungite Pyramid Sale price£12.00
Mini Shungite PyramidMini Shungite Pyramid
Mini Shungite Pyramid Sale price£7.00