Crystal Specimen's

Some of our more rare & uniquely formed crystals.

We have a wider range available in store. 


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Lapis Lazuli TowerLapis Lazuli Tower
Lapis Lazuli Tower Sale price£24.00
Rhodonite Tower
Rhodonite Tower Sale price£25.00
Tigers Eye Tower
Tigers Eye Tower Sale price£27.00
Amethyst Orgonite Charging PlateAmethyst Orgonite Charging Plate
Sold out
Rose Quartz PolishedRose Quartz Polished
Rose Quartz Polished Sale price£30.00
Angel Aura ClusterAngel Aura Cluster
Angel Aura Cluster Sale price£36.00
Flower Agate TowerFlower Agate Tower
Flower Agate Tower Sale price£30.00
Green Aventurine Orgonite Charging PlateGreen Aventurine Orgonite Charging Plate
Amethyst Orgonite TumbledAmethyst Orgonite Tumbled
Amethyst Orgonite Tumbled Sale price£3.00
Angel Aura TowerAngel Aura Tower
Angel Aura Tower Sale price£21.00
Stilbite Sale price£10.00
Druzy Aura Agate TowerDruzy Aura Agate Tower
Druzy Aura Agate Tower Sale price£80.00
Amethyst CaveAmethyst Cave
Amethyst Cave Sale price£62.00
Clear Quartz (Cluster)Clear Quartz (Cluster)
Clear Quartz (Cluster) Sale price£45.00
Clear Quartz ClusterClear Quartz Cluster
Clear Quartz Cluster Sale price£28.00
Charoite Sale price£46.00
Rose Quartz AuraRose Quartz Aura
Rose Quartz Aura Sale price£42.00
Azurite & Malachite SliceAzurite & Malachite Slice
Azurite & Malachite Slice Sale price£22.00
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Pink Opal (Irregular Wand)Pink Opal (Irregular Wand)
Pink Opal (Irregular Wand) Sale price£12.80 Regular price£16.00
Malachite SliceMalachite Slice
Malachite Slice Sale price£40.00
Clear Quartz Cluster BedClear Quartz Cluster Bed
Clear Quartz Cluster Bed Sale price£48.00
Clear Quartz ClusterClear Quartz Cluster
Clear Quartz Cluster Sale price£40.00
White Rose Petal CalciteWhite Rose Petal Calcite
White Rose Petal Calcite Sale price£58.00
Fibrous Malachite
Fibrous Malachite Sale price£50.00