Crystal Specimen's

Some of our more rare & uniquely formed crystals.

We have a wider range available in store. 


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Lapis Lazuli TowerLapis Lazuli Tower
Lapis Lazuli Tower Sale price£24.00
Rhodonite Tower
Rhodonite Tower Sale price£25.00
Sold out
Tigers Eye TowerTigers Eye Tower
Tigers Eye Tower Sale price£24.00
Sold out
Smokey Quartz Cluster On StandSmokey Quartz Cluster On Stand
Sold out
Angel Aura ClusterAngel Aura Cluster
Angel Aura Cluster Sale price£36.00
Flower Agate TowerFlower Agate Tower
Flower Agate Tower Sale price£30.00
Sold out
Amethyst Free Form (Tall)Amethyst Free Form (Tall)
Amethyst Free Form (Tall) Sale price£88.00
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Pink Opal (Irregular Wand)Pink Opal (Irregular Wand)
Pink Opal (Irregular Wand) Sale price£12.80 Regular price£16.00
Malachite SliceMalachite Slice
Malachite Slice Sale price£40.00
Black Obsidian (Raw)Black Obsidian (Raw)
Black Obsidian (Raw) Sale price£26.00
Clear Quartz Cluster BedClear Quartz Cluster Bed
Clear Quartz Cluster Bed Sale price£48.00
Clear Quartz ClusterClear Quartz Cluster
Clear Quartz Cluster Sale price£40.00
White Rose Petal CalciteWhite Rose Petal Calcite
White Rose Petal Calcite Sale price£58.00
Fibrous Malachite
Fibrous Malachite Sale price£50.00
Rhodonite TowerRhodonite Tower
Rhodonite Tower Sale price£30.00
Black Amethyst Free FormBlack Amethyst Free Form
Black Amethyst Free Form Sale price£48.00
Rhodonite Freeform TowerRhodonite Freeform Tower
Rhodonite Freeform Tower Sale price£50.00
Lapis Lazuli ChunkLapis Lazuli Chunk
Lapis Lazuli Chunk Sale price£56.00
Lapis Lazuli FreeformLapis Lazuli Freeform
Lapis Lazuli Freeform Sale price£56.00
Sold out
Lemurian Smokey Quartz Engulfed Twin.
Isis Faced Smokey Quartz with Window ...
Sold out
Clear Quartz Natural Double Ended Point with ...Clear Quartz Natural Double Ended Point with ...
Clear Quartz Mother & Child ClusterClear Quartz Mother & Child Cluster
Clear Quartz Elestial Capped Crown Cluster