Wax Melts

These beautiful wax melts are made from soya wax, paraffin-free, vegan friendly.

Pick the perfect scent for you. 

£1.50 each or mix & match 10 for £12.50.

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Bergamot Verbena Wax MeltBergamot Verbena Wax Melt
Bergamot Verbena Wax Melt Sale price£1.50
Clean Laundry Wax MeltClean Laundry Wax Melt
Clean Laundry Wax Melt Sale price£1.50
Lemon & Pine Wax MeltsLemon & Pine Wax Melts
Lemon & Pine Wax Melts Sale price£1.50
White Tea & Sage Wax MeltsWhite Tea & Sage Wax Melts
English Lavender Wax MeltsEnglish Lavender Wax Melts
Lemongrass & Coconut Wax Melt
Patchouli Wax Melt
Patchouli Wax Melt Sale price£1.50
Sandalwood & Black Pepper Wax Melt
Rocksalt & Driftwood Wax MeltsRocksalt & Driftwood Wax Melts
English Rose Wax MeltsEnglish Rose Wax Melts
English Rose Wax Melts Sale price£1.50
Sweetpea Wax MeltsSweetpea Wax Melts
Sweetpea Wax Melts Sale price£1.50
Pomegranate Black Wax MeltsPomegranate Black Wax Melts
Grapefruit & Mangosteen Wax MeltsGrapefruit & Mangosteen Wax Melts