Healing & Magical Uses of Mullein

Healing & Magical Uses of Mullein
Healing, Wellbeing, Security, Change
Latin Name: Verbascum thapsus
Used in magic for cleansing the past and focusing on the present.  Used in spells to make focus and purpose as well as healing physical illness and problems
In Traditional Herbal medicine it was used for respiratory issues such bronchitis, asthma and congestion.
- Soothing
- Respiratory
- Candlewick
- Courage
- Healing
Mullein has a fascinating history of use. It's often referred to as the "Candlewick Plant" because its dried stems were dipped in wax to make torches in ancient times. There are no specific myths or legends associated with Mullein, but its practical uses in history are noteworthy.
Active Constituents:
Mullein contains various active constituents, including saponins, mucilage, and iridoid glycosides. These compounds contribute to its soothing and healing properties, particularly for respiratory issues.
Mullein is native to Europe and Asia, but it has become widespread in North America as well. It typically grows in dry, open areas, along roadsides, and in fields.
Traditional Usage:
- Medicinal: Mullein has a long history of traditional use for treating respiratory conditions. It's used to alleviate coughs, asthma, and bronchitis. The leaves are often used for making herbal infusions or tinctures.
- Herbal: Its soft leaves have been used as an alternative to toilet paper in the past due to their gentle and absorbent nature.
Magical Usage:
Mullein is less known for its magical properties but can be associated with courage and inner strength, given its historical uses for torches and its tall, upright growth. Some herbalists believe it can also be used in protective spells.
Planetary Correspondence:
Mullein aligns with the planet Saturn, representing discipline and responsibility. Its tall, stately growth reflects the Saturnine qualities of endurance and structure.
Elemental Correspondence:
Mullein is often associated with the element of Fire due to its historical use as torches and its vibrant yellow flowers. It can also be linked to the element of Earth because of its grounding and stabilizing properties.
- Mullein is generally considered safe for most people when used as directed. However, if you have known allergies to plants in the Scrophulariaceae family, use with caution.
- As with any herbal remedy, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using Mullein for medicinal purposes, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medication.

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