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Psychic Clairvoyant

Debs has been working with us for 20 years!

From a very early age, I have been guided by spirit and have been enlightened by the many things that have happened to me along my own pathway. So much so, that I have read & taught  professionally for the last 25 years. My earliest memory of spirit is aged 3.

My aim is to help you. By Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Psychometry I will deal with your issues and guide you into a more positive place..

Your personal possessions (Psychometry) can offer suggestions and choices that may be helpful in the foreseeable future. I will read and try to deal with past, present and future issues. Having a reading can be very insightful and will help you to find your own answers.

I have my own individual style of reading, which I’m sure you will enjoy. I mainly use Mediumship, psychometry, clairvoyance and clairaudience, which I am still learning from every day. I have 35 years experience on this pathway, I have been guided by some of the finest mediums/psychics in the world. I know the reading will enhance and enable me to guide you to a clearer understanding of your situation within the 30 minute Reading.

Available: Tuesdays & Saturdays 


Tarot/Crystal/Rune/Psychic Reader

Reiki/Crystal Healing/Spell Consultations

I have been following spiritual paths and training for over thirty years  and have had a natural spiritual awareness and seen spirit since I was a child.

I left stockbroking to focus full time upon a more enjoyable and rewarding career following my healing gift, and now work full time giving readings or training in this field.

I have a great deal of success with my insightful readings and therapy approaches and many of my clients return again and again as their lives unfold and develop allowing them to make the most of each opportunity as they remove the blockages I help them become aware of.

My aim is to use my skills to help you to make the most of yourself -  be that through physical therapy, emotional or developmental support or spiritual guidance. I combine my skills in a session to help you achieve you own needs faster and easier than you may accomplish on your own.

Available: Mondays & Wednesdays


Mystic Gee 

Palm/Oracle Card Reader


G is a Palmist, Numerologist & Oracle Card Reader. He also offers Indian Head Massage.

Gurmukh (‘’Mystic G’’) is a multi-talented international reader. A very experienced naturally born Psychic, Palmist, Numerologist and astrologer which he uses in his consultation. Mystic ‘G’ channels through the spiritual energy directed by the ‘’lord’’(universal master) to bring you clarity and guidance with general matters although his speciality area is career direction, relationship compatibility, Spiritual guidance (through Yoga/Meditation), financial matters, when to make decisions, lucky days, business start up etc . He can also interpret the ‘Osho’ Zen Tarot cards when required.


Available: Friday evenings



Tarot/Crystal/Psychic Reader

Reiki Healer

I found out I was psychic aged 9 when I received a message from spirit to pass to my mum. This 6th sense has stood me in good stead in life, love, career and relationships. Along with my psychic ability I read Tarot, Crystals, Oracle cards and even tea leaves. As a natural healer I trained as a nurse, and I am a Reiki practitioner (people and animals). I cast spells but only for sick or lost animals. As a former solicitor I understand job / career challenges and the stress of legal and medical problems (I cannot give legal / medical advice - you must see your doctor or lawyer for this!). I will do my best to answer all questions effectively, and help guide you carefully through any situations and issues you may have.

Available: Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader
With over 30 years of experience reading tarot cards and over 40 years of being a witch, I’m here to help you answer any questions you may have! I specialise in reading the traditional Rider Waite tarot cards whilst using my own intuition and psychic mediumship skills to offer spiritual guidance.
My readings will show you your past and guide you into your future. Together we can reach out to the spirit world.
Available: Thursdays
Medium/Ribbon/Tarot Reader/Reiki Healer
From a very early age I have been guided by Angels and Spirit, my earliest memory is from the age of 5. I have been brought up as both sets of grandparents have been spiritual and work through mediumship and healing.
I have been working has a medium for the past 20 years. I work with cards or ribbons, this is my way of channelling the energy through to spirit. I use clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Every reading is different, every spirit communicates differently. 
In the reading I will make sure you feel comfortable and at any time you feel you need the reading to stop at any time, then I will end the reading, as this is your journey and your path.  I am here as channel for you to speak your loved ones that have passed. 
Available: Thursday afternoon/evenings


Tarot/Crystal Reader


I was born with a gift for healing and an affinity with alternative therapies. I have been working with a great Master to focus and develop that gift using multiple forms of energy work, including Usui Reiki, Seichem, Tree Oganams and have a good knowledge ob both crystals and aromatherapy methods. I am a practitioner of Reiki, Seichem, massage and reflexology and offer them either individually or as a combination treatment. I will work on your physical and energetic body to remove blocks, tensions and give you a feeling of improved health.

Available: Alternate Sundays


Tarot Reader


Michael’s practice encompasses a range of techniques enabling him to tailor every treatment to suit your needs from head to toe.  Using reiki, aromatherapy, Swedish, Indian head, remedial massage  (deep tissue) he creates a unique experience from relaxation to balancing, energising to stimulating. 
Available: Monday evenings & alternate Sundays.


I have been interested in spirituality from a young age. Being bought up by my mother and then my grandmother who both passed on their knowledge of the unseen, spirits, the Fae and magical gifts to me. I have been a fully practicing pagan, or I prefer the title of witch, now for over 15 years and am constantly still learning my craft.   I especially like working on herbal and healing magic and space clearing.
I started my holistic therapy journey in 2010 when I attended an introduction to chakras workshop, which made me fall in love with energy healing and the multiple ways we can heal ourselves. I have continued to learn and qualify in a wide range of new therapies over those years across a wide range of fields such as massage, mind therapy, energy healing and beauty/aesthetics - but over time my main focus and love has brought me back to specialise in crystal healing, herbalism and aromatherapy. 
I began teaching workshops and presentations on both magic and therapies from 2015 onward - and still love helping others to heal or train to heal others.
I have also honed and created my own energy healing dynamic of Merfolk Healing which I teach and train others in  - alongside standard Usui Reiki and Celtic teaching. 
Available: One Sunday a month.
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