The Solitary Witch Oracle

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Lore, Wisdom & Light for Your Magickal Path.

Who are you? The universe asks.

Wherever there are humans, there are solitary witches - independent emissaries of magick who love others but adore the companionship of the free & the wild even more.

If ever you have yearned for moon-kissed mysteries, kinship with wildflowers & ecstatic connections with Nature & her cycles, you have felt a witch's wisdom stirring within. 

You may dwell deep in a forest or in an apartment within the very heart of a city. 

Wherever you abide, the whispers of the elements, plants, creatures & cosmos infuse your world with fascination & freedom. 

This enchanting oracle is an illuminating tapestry of insight, comfort, healing & practical guidance for awakening your charms & senses.

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