The Dream Journal

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Unlock your unconscious, record your dreams and reveal their hidden meanings. All you need is this journal, a pen and a good night's sleep.

As Freud famously said, dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. But before we set foot on that path, we need to know why we dream and how we can read them.

Packed with suggestions, facts and advice on all things dream-related, this book will be your essential guide to help you:
- Improve your dream recall
- Learn the basics of dream interpretation
- Identify common dream symbols and concepts
- Understand your dreams and their meanings
- Explore themes and imagery in your dreams

It also provides plenty of space to chronicle your visions and includes a range of quotes from some of the biggest dream experts and philosophers to help you reflect on your visions and interpret them with greater confidence.

It's time to puff up the pillows, slip into a deep slumber and have sweet dreams!

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