Sleepless Nights & Kisses For Breakfast

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Reflections On Fatherhood.

This Number 1 Italian bestseller, offering a father's observations of the everyday moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, has struck a chord with readers around the globe. 

Matteo Bussola is a cartoonist who lives in Verona, Italy, with his wife & three young daughters.

He began chronicling his family's day-to-day adventures on Facebook, where he gained a large following. 

First published in Italian, this memoir grew out of those writings. 

Divided into winter, spring, summer & fall, Sleepless Nights & Kisses For Breakfast captures snapshots of Fatherhood in its various seasons. 

Whether it comes to the flashes of insight inspired by his daughters' childlike wisdom, or the unexpected moments of joy & laughter, Bussola's account of fatherhood is thoughtful, moving & full of humour. 

By Mattro Bussola.

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