Self Source-ery Oracle

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Discover your inner Source-eress, trust your instincts and remember your innate magic with this powerful 42-card oracle from the bestselling author of Witch.

This beautifully illustrated 42-card deck is calling you to reconnect to Source and return to the infinite knowledge of your 
mother-loving self.

Self Source-ery Oracle is divided into three powerful suits to help you recognize that self-love is about coming into relationship with the truth of who you are – your inner landscape, your body, and your connectivity to nature and the world around you. It will help you to:

· develop body awareness, find your inner power and unlock courage
· take responsibility for your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs
· access your energy, creativity, and unique frequency and magic
· feel nourished, satiated and able to show up for yourself and others in times of chaos, uncertainty and transition

Learn to trust your senses, wisdom and the ever-unfolding of living your rhythm.

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