Rainbow Moonstone Orgonite Pyramid

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This remarkable Rainbow Moonstone with Copper Quartz Orgone Pyramid is well-known for its powerful and positive vibration that shields against electromagnetic waves. The combination of Rainbow Moonstone and Copper in this pyramid creates a remarkable amplification effect. Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that nurtures inner growth and strength, making it ideal for someone seeking a fresh start. It has a calming influence on emotional instability and stress, bringing a more peaceful outlook on life. Additionally, Moonstone enhances intuition, inspires creativity, and brings good luck in both love and business. These pyramids emit a high frequency vibration and the copper spiral at the top amplifies the crystals' energies. Pyramids have been considered sacred for thousands of years, tracing back to ancient Egypt, as they symbolize the rays of the setting sun. This pyramid is made of genuine gemchips and earth metals, set in resin, and adorned with the Reiki symbol of power.


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