Mugwort (Dried)


Also Know As Artemisia vulgaris.

A herb that connects us with sacred practices throughout recorded history.

Mugwort is known for have many wonderful healing qualities including helping to sooth the lower organs -kidneys, gallbladder, liver, stomach, & the female reproductive organs.

Mugwort is also suppose to be a strongly diaphoretic, which can help at the beginning of a cold, before the fever sets in. 

Do not use during pregnancy.


Mugwort is also known for its use in spiritual/magical works. 

Burning Mugwort can keep away all types of evil but is also used for attracting good spirits & good luck into your life. 

People have also been known for wearing Mugwort in an amulet or hang it above doorways to protect from negative energies & spirits especially when doing magical practices.  

50g Bag