Magnetic Hematite

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is used to cure some diseases or problems.

It makes your heart and soul calmed down, and provides you with balance in life.

It helps people understand better certain perspectives and keeps you humbled and down to earth.

You become practical when you have the stone, and it improves your mentality.

It pushes you to meditate making you improve your relationship with family and friends.

And most of all, it provides you satisfaction and inner happiness.

Hematite is known to improve your mental capability.

It provides the person confidence to complete his dreams without feeling insecure about what others might think.

This makes you spiritual making you aware of your environment.

It eliminates negative energies and helps you build peaceful, loving and happy relationships.

It also enhances your wisdom.

The rationale of a person is controlled by this stone.

Star Sign - Aquarius

Chakra - Base 

Price Per Pair!

Make into a gift with a lovely organza bag.

Style: Magnetic Hematite Only


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