Love Signs (Unlock Your True Love Match)


Is your romance written in the stars?

Can a Capricorn find love with a Sagittarius?  

Will a match between Leo & a Pisces always end in heartbreak?

Linda Goodman's Love Sign is a complete astrological guide to personal relationships, offering compelling insight & advice for every zodiac sign - & the compatibility of every possible pairing. 

Lively, enteraining & informative, this book will help you to better understand your partner & your relationship. 

Including in-depth explorations of the 78 Sun Sign patterns for women & men, invaluable explanations of the Twelve Mysteries of Love & lists of famous Sun Sign personalities, this witty, poetic & compassionate guide will tell you what to expect & what to look out for in your love life. 

Learn all this and more from the world-famous astrologer who has helped millions divine their way to true love. 

By Linda Goodman.