Les Vampires Oracle


Ancient wisdom & healing messages from the children of the night. A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult decisions or upheaval in relationships, or wishing to move away from draining careers, situations, or people. Vampiric energies have often been feared and reviled, but today, the amazing creatures of Les Vampires are proving to be allies from the most mysterious of realms, helping many humans through their own dark night of the soul. Full of wise guidance, ancient teachings, proven methods of protection, comforting advice & provocative challenges to our flawed perceptions, Les Vampires offers a pathway through the darkest, most troubled times.  

Les Vampires is a profound oracle to work with for healing our own inner fears, harnessing our power & dissolving the patterns that hold us back. 

Discerning, elegant, courageous & gorgeous, this is an oracle deck unlike any other you have experienced.

44 Cards & Guidebook Set

By Lucy Cavendish

Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith