Jack-O'-Lantern Tarot

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European-inspired artist Giuliano Costa through the biggest holiday of the year – Halloween!

Jack-o-lantern tarot does not focus entirely on depicting Halloween, but only borrows the image of the character of the same name to talk about The Fool's journey. 

Choosing to use familiar brushstrokes, we will feel Jack O'-Lantern from a different perspective, more artistic, more thoughtful and with a colour of beautiful Italy. 

In addition, this brushstroke will reduce the horror of the holiday and enhance the aesthetic, making you feel that the deck is more funny, fun and lovely than ever.

Jack O'-Lantern Tarot is suitable for everyone who likes to own Halloween-themed decks, based on RWS conversion, so it is completely basic and easy to learn. 

The Jack O'-Lantern Tarot deck includes 78 cards and a brief mini guidebook. 

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