Charcoal Tablets


Contains 10 self-lighting discs.

This charcoal is most useful when burning natural incenses frankincense tears, lumps of myrrh or other resins.


Place the charcoal in a burner or non-flammable dish.

Do not hold it in your hands as it ignites very quickly.

Touch the outer edge of the charcoal with a lighted match or taper and add your powder or resins in the centre of the charcoal.

Each piece will stay lit for approximately 30-50 minutes.

Upgrade your Charcoal, into our Charcoal Burner Set. 
Charcoal Burner Set Includes:
Black Charcoal Burner
25g Raw Frankincense
25g Raw Myrrh 
Packet Of Charcoal (10 Discs)
In An Organza Bag

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