10 Mini Spell Candles

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Unscented Solid Colour Spell Candles.

Perfect to be used in spell work & rituals. 



Candle magic is when you use specific colour candles in rituals or ceremonies to reach a special goal.

Candle magic spells can vary from attracting love to removing negative energy from your environment. 

Here is a little guideline for you, to make sure you are choosing the right candle for the right purpose. 

  • Green: Money, Good Luck, Earth Magic, Prosperity, Success & Health.
  • Blue: Emotional Healing, Communication, Creativity, Focus, Justice, Harmony & Peace Of Mind. 
  • Orange: Career, Joy, Legal Affairs & Energy Work.
  • Yellow: Learning, Mental Blocks, Wisdom, Clarity & Confidence.  
  • Purple: Physic Powers, Meditation, Wisdom, Opening Your Third Eye & Divination.  

Size: 10x1cm

Comes in organza bag. 

Made in the UK.

Size: 10 Green Spell Candles


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