10 Mini Spell Candles (5 Different Colours)


Unscented Solid Colour Spell Candles.

Perfect to be used in spell work and rituals. 

Size: 10x2cm

Comes in organza bag. 

Made in the UK.


Candle magic is when you use specific colour candles in rituals or ceremonies to reach a special goal.

Candle magic spells can vary from attracting love to removing negative energy from your environment.

Most common in the Wiccan religion, casting spells using coloured candles is found it lots of other areas as well.

Here is a little guideline for you, to make sure you are choosing the right candle for the right purpose. 

    • Green - is a colour of balance and harmony. Green works with the heart chakra and the emotions and helps to create equilibrium between your head and your heart. This is a colour of renewal, rebirth and growth, a colour that epitomises Spring. It is a powerfully positive colour, it is the mediator between parties, the peace maker. Furthermore, it possesses a strong sense of right and wrong. Green will look at all sides of situation and will take the moral path, and do what it best for most people. And yes, Green can be possessive and materialistic. 
    • Blue - is the colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. This is a colour that exudes confidence, and always does the time thing in hard times. Blue is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility, but also helps those around to feel the peace and calm that it seeks. It promotes relaxation for the mind and the body. Furthermore, blue is the helper, the one who rescues the damsel in distress, and will always be there for those in need. It is always the giver, and always like to build lasting friendships and relationships. Blue is associated with speaking the truth through the throat chakra.
    • Purple - is a deeply spiritual colour and throughout history it has been associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, mystery and magic. While purple is a mixture of red and blue, however the violet ray is the highest vibration of the visible spectrum. It can assist in exploration of the “meaning of life stuff”. Both purple and violet can aid in dream recall, and psychic gifts and awareness.
    • Orange - is a colour that effortlessly combines the physical energy of red with the joy and cheer of yellow. It”s a colour that exudes warmth. Orange is a colour that is closely tied to the “gut feeling” of your instincts, which moves away from the physicality of red and the intellect of yellow. Orange is an uplifting colour that has rejuvenating properties, which can help recover from grief, disappointment and despair. It can being a positive outlook even on the dreariest of days. Orange is extroverted, uninhibited and a social colour, it helps with communication in social situations.
    • Yellow - is the brightest colour on the spectrum, and in a psychological sense it is a very uplifting colour that often inspires hope, joy, happiness, fun, and is basically a very cheery colour all round. Yellow is a colour that is largely associated with the logical side of the brain, and because of it”s uplifting qualities it also helps to stimulate the mental faculties. It is a colour that inspires the curious nature and inquisitiveness. Moreover, yellow is such an enthusiastic colour that pulls out optimism and confidence from the dark parts of the psyche.