NEW TO ZEN: Health/Wellness Consultations

NEW TO ZEN: Health/Wellness Consultations

£30 - 30 minutes

Our Health and wellness consultations are performed by people fully qualified in a wide range of complementary therapies and treatments and are designed to help signpost you to the best treatment options available for you, using a holistic and integrated approach to healing and wellbeing that you can work upon at home for yourself, as well as suggesting forward plans for the right therapies or healing solutions for you and your conditions - be they of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
When you come to us, we shall sit down and talk about the issues or problems you wish to overcome, look at what current treatments you have tried, any medication or supplements you currently take and give advice and recommendations tailored to your specific requirements and needs about a wide range of products or services which you can use for yourself to help support your healing journey as well as maybe inform and direct you to other suitable treatment options or healing programs which may assist you in your ongoing journey - one therapy or solution is not right for all, and we shall endeavor to identify the right mechanism for your own healing.
Some of the disciplines and dynamics we may include in your treatment protocol and healing program include:  Traditional Herbalism, Bach flower remedies, Essences and Tinctures, Aromatherapy essential oils, Meditation / Mindfulness exercises, Postural analysis, Physical exercises or remedial movements, diet and nutrition advice, Crystals, energy healing, Chakra diagnosis, and much more.

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