New to Zen: Spell Consultations

New to Zen: Spell Consultations

£30 - 30 minutes.

We are now offering spell consultation in store every Monday, Wednesday and one Sunday a month.

During your 30 minute session our extremely knowledgeable advisor will show you what tools to use and exactly how to use them to create the perfect spell!

Just let our advisor know what kind of spell you'd like to do. It could be for love, protection, prosperity, luck or anything your heart desires!

You will receive a 10% discount for any purchases made in store to create the perfect spell.

Please note: our advisors will not do the spell for you, they will give you all the knowledge you require to do it yourself. After all, spells are far more successful if you do them using your own energy.

Available: Every Monday, Wednesday & one Sunday a month.

You can book a Spell Consultation by calling us on 0121 643 3933 or by using our booking system.

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