The Ultimate Guide To Shamanism

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A Modern Guide To Shamanic Healing, Tools & Ceremony. 

A modern approach to an ancient tradition.

Learn how to incorporate shamanic practices & ceremonies into your everyday life. 

A timeless spiritual practice today, shamanic practice spans civilisations, continents & countries.

Indeed, it can be traced as far back as humankind itself. 

It has existed for as long as we have existed. 

Today's shamanic practitioner is a mystic, a healer & a keeper of ancient wisdom. 

They navigate & balance the seen & unseen energies between the natural world & modern society. 

Along with the history of shamanism, learn these shamanic skills for healing & empowerment:

  • Calling in the four directions & setting ceremony. 
  • Building an alter & setting sacred spaces. 
  • How to work with shamanic tools & power objects. 
  • Connecting with spirit allies, ancestors & your Higher Self. 
  • Shamanic journeying. 
  • Deepen your connection to nature & source energy. 

With The Ultimate Guide to Shamanism, you, too, can access the power of these ancient practices. 

By Rebecca Keating - Creator Of Shaman Sisters. 

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