The Golden Future Oracle

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Find guidance on your spiritual journey, reassurance of better times to come and tools to co-create the new Golden Age with The Golden Future Oracle.

The Golden Age will be a time of harmony and abundance, when everyone will co-operate for the highest good. There will be a bountiful supply of nutritious food for everyone and new spiritual technology to support us. We will all be attuned to the angelic and spiritual worlds.

In this beautiful 44-card oracle, Diana Cooper offers inspiration to focus on the harmonious future that awaits us all. Using these cards will help you to:

· learn about the golden future
· raise your frequency
· awaken more of your twelve fifth-dimensional chakras
· understand where you can direct your energy to help co-create the Golden Future
· focus on your higher ascension
and so much more!

The Golden Future Oracle and the accompanying book, The Golden Future, will guide you along this collective transformational journey toward a new age, and help you to act with higher consciousness so that you can attract more abundance and support from the universe.
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