The Crystal Witch

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The Magickal Way To Calm & Heal The Body, Mind & Spirit. 

Enrich Your Life By Delving Into The Fascinating Art Of Crystal Magick. 

Witches have used crystals for centuries for their energetic properties & healing qualities - inherent magickal powers that can work in different ways to enhance a person's life. 

Now you can learn how to incorporate crystals & gemstones into your daily rituals, from learning the best way to choose & collect stones to how to cast crystal spells.

Written by bestselling Wiccapedia authors Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenway, this fresh, in-depth guide is the ultimate crystal craft reference you'll want to turn to. 

Just some of what you'll find includes:

  • How to charge & program your crystals & assemble a crystal toolkit. 
  • A color section of 20 essentials spellcasting crystals.
  • An A-Z list of more than 250 crystals & their magickal properties.
  • Connecting with angels, gods & goddesses.
  • Crystal divination & astrology. 
  • Festive crystal holidays.
  • Spells for protection, love, success, blessing, mindfulness & more. 
By Shawn Robbins & Lenna Greenway. 
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