Spell Breaker Oil


Anna Riva's Spell Breaker Oil is more than just a simple protection oil!

Known to reverse spells, hexes, curses, crossed conditions and jinxes.

Whether you have been affected by the Evil Eye, the target of malicious intentions or have simply been affected by bad energy, the Spell Breaker Oil can help reverse the effects, neutralise the energy and provide a protective shield between you and those who wish you harm.  

Spell Breaker Oil can be worn, put on talismans, placed in a bath, added to floor wash, anointed on holy objects or simply placed in the heels of your shoes.

If your a fan of Saint Michael or any other protective diety, rub a little on their image and keep it posted over your front door and above the head of your bed.

1/2 fl. oz (14.7ml) Glass bottle.