Sagrada Madre Sahumitos Smudge (Myrrh & Palo Santo)

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Sagrada Madre Maha Sahumitos are a 100% unique natural product, handmade in Argentina. They are artistically made from herbs, flowers and resin, held together with a plant-based binder.

The bundle itself consists of cedar, laurel and eucalyptus whereas the outer layer is made from Myrrh and Palo Santo, manifesting cleanliness and harmony.

About Sahumitos
"Sahumitos" refers to small bundles or preparations of dried herbs that are lit and allowed to smoulder, producing fragrant smoke. These bundles are often used in rituals, ceremonies, or personal practices to cleanse the energy of a space, ward off negative influences, and invite positive energies.

The ingredients used in sahumitos can vary, but they often include dried herbs such as sage, cedar, lavender, rosemary, and other aromatic plants. Each herb is believed to have its own specific properties and energies. 

To perform a sahumito ceremony, one would light the bundle of herbs, let it catch fire, and then blow out the flames, allowing the herbs to smoulder and produce smoke. The smoke is then wafted around a space, over objects, or around a person's body to cleanse and purify.

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