Runes (Find Your Power)

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Step inside the world of Runes & begin your journey to finding your power. 

Runes are an ancient & sacred language: friend in Icelandic, secret in Old Irish & mystery in Old Norse. 

The resonance they hold give us new ways of looking at problems, & a guiding hand for where we might go next. 

From astrology to palmistry, Tarot to I-Ching, divination has always held a fascination for humankind. 

The runic alphabet can be used to tell a story or answer a question, & can help you to find a way to clear any obstacles in your life that are causing you unhappiness. 

The runes are story starters, inspiration givers & light bringers: ancient wisdom to inform your present & help you find your inner peace. 

By Kitty Guilsborough. 

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