Reversible Oil

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Anna Riva's Reversible oil is best used when you feel like you have been targeted by magic, including hex's, curse's, spells & jinx's. 

Using the Reversible oil rebound the magic back to the performer because the oil is known for protecting and shielding the user. 

While the Reversible oil is a powerful protector, it also cleanses negative energy.  

Before using the Reversible oil in any ritual, it is advised that you perform a cleansing ritual on yourself and the environment, in which you intend to perform the ritual. 

Cleansing can be done by either using white sage and "smudging" yourself and the area or you can bathe, preferably in epsom or Himalayan salt, you could also add Rosemary or Eucalyptus Essential Oil to boost the cleansing.

Best method of using your Reversible oil is by anointing your candle (either a plain black candle or the 7 Day Reversible candle) with 4 drops of the oil. 

1/2 fl. oz (14.7ml) Glass bottle. 

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