Myrtle Essential Oil - 10ml

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Myrtle Essential Oil is a sweet, fresh oil.

Myrtle is also known as a holy plant being the symbol of love & peace.

Spiritual Myrtle carries a deep inner wisdom which creates an energetic truth and promotes forgiveness, giving support to the unsupported and teaching us that divine love embraces all living beings.

Other benefits of Myrtle essential oil are: 

  • Clarifies the mind.
  • Spiritual & emotional cleansing.
  • Creates a refreshing & up lifting.
  • Helps curb addictions.
  • Regenerating.
  • Astringent.
  • Anti-allergenic.
  • Balances emotions.
  • Improves sleep.

Myrtle essential oil blends well with bergamot, clary sage, clove, hyssop, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, thyme & tea tree essential oil. 

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