Love Magic


Over 250 Spells & Potions For Getting It, Keeping It & Making It Last. 

All You Need Is Love ... & A Little Love Magic!

Magical maven Lilith Dorsey has packed over 250 spells, potions, rituals & recipes devoted to all facets of love & sex into this fun, informative & practical book.

Love Magic includes sections on such topics as self-love, marriage, fertility, erotic adventures, the ethics of love magic & more. 

The spells draw from a wide range of magical traditions & focus on equally diverse situations. 

You will find spells for:

  • Finding love.
  • Keeping love. 
  • Healing yourself so that you are ready for love.

Doresey also includes rituals for invoking goddesses of love & discusses all facets of the romantic experience. 

Lets face it: we are bewitched, bothered, bewildered, obsessed, inspired, delighted & in love with love. 

Love Magic is the go-to book for finding & keeping romance, passion, sex, & love in your life. 

Rooted in serious scholarship while still exploring the weird, wild & wonderful side of love magic, this book provides expert advice & genuine spells that work to bring you your hearts' desire.

By Lilith Dorsey.