Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder

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Our beautiful Himalayan rock salt t-light holder will bring a warm, relaxing glow to your home. 

Made from Himalayan rock salt which has numerous health benefits:

Balances Electromagnetic Radiation (EM) - Electromagnetic Radiation occurs from everyday appliances, like TV's & computers. These appliances release positive ions into the atmosphere, which can cause and overflow of EM, which is believed to cause health problems, including fatigue & increase in stress. Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions and can cancel out the positive ions emitting from electronic devices, which helps to prevent static buildup.  

Helps Improve Respiratory Issues  - Himalayan salt lamps are believed to help help improve breathing problems by releasing negative ions which filter foreign particles, helping to keep your lungs cleaner.

Cleanse, Deodorise, and Purify Air - Using Himalayan salt lamps can help clean the air in your home by using an operation called Hygroscopy, which attracts and draws in contaminated water molecules, which locks them into the salt. The process has been known to remove cigarette smoke, dust and other odours from the air.  

Calm Allergies and Reduce Asthma -  Helping to filter mould, dust, mildew & pet aromas from indoor spaces, Himalayan pink salt lamps can help improve allergies. Just as a nasal saline spray uses salt to clear airways. 

Raise Energy Levels - As positive ions cause fatigue, it is believed that negative ions released from the Himalayan salt lamps can help boost the bodies energy levels.  

Reduces Stress & Promotes Relaxation - Himalayan salt lamps are used in colour therapy due to the soft glows of orange, yellow and red which helps reduce stress, attention deficit disorder and helping with general relaxation. Also believed to help balance physical, spiritual & emotional energies.

Includes bulb and cord - 2-3kg. 

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