Guided Tarot For Seamless Readings

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Your essential guide to reading tarot cards seamlessly-with confidence and ease

Each of us holds gifts deep within and, with tarot, we have the power to unlock those gifts and make transformative discoveries. For beginner tarot readers, learning the cards all 78 of them and understanding how to use spreads may seem daunting. Tarot expert Stefanie Caponi explains that interpreting the cards is a blend of knowing the card meanings, listening to your heart, and trusting your intuition. In her book, GUIDED TAROT, she offers easy exercises to nurture and grow your intuition, not only to understand the cards' universal meanings, but to channel your own meanings. This comprehensive guide also shows you how to attune your energy to the deck for more accurate readings. Soon you'll be confident in doing readings for yourself and even your friends.

GUIDED TAROT features:

· Guided exercises to strengthen your intuition and tarot interpretation skills.

· Tarot card profiles with astrological, numerological, and elemental meanings, guidance for career, love, and spiritual life, and reverse card interpretations.

· Beginner's tools offering step-by-step advice to prepare for and perform readings along with a variety of introductory spreads to try

· The Celtic Cross explained and deconstructed to help beginners master this popular spread with ease.

· Quick reference chart with card images and key upright and reversed meanings.

With GUIDED TAROT as the companion to your deck, you'll learn more about yourself, get divine guidance with life decisions, and overcome obstacles in your relationships all while celebrating your unique gifts and honouring your higher self.

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