Fluorite Palmstone


Fluorite is the perfect crystal to use to balance your emotions, when confusion clouds your mind and to rediscover your true happiness in life. 

An over-all mind, body & spirit detox crystal, Fluorite helps to remove negative thought patterns. 

Protecting you from negative energy.

Mixed with other common minerals, including Quartz & Calcite, makes Fluorite an excellent healing tool. 

Cleansing & purifying, means Fluorite protects you from negative energy. 

If in need of a creative jolt, fluorite is perfect for you, as it helps to inspire & bring order to your thoughts. 

So why not try meditating with your fluorite? for that extra boost. 

Here Zen's meditation tip:

Hold your fluorite palmstone in either hand,

Take a deep breath in, imaging an healing white light, surrounding your body, 

Take a deep breath out, imaging all your negative thought, leaving your body,

& imagine all your feelings confusion passing. 

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