Enlighten Up Oracle

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Sometimes we put our arms out & soar easily through life.

Other times we have to keep flapping just to stay aloft.

Whatever answer you’re looking for, whatever inspiration you need in this moment, the Enlighten Up Card Deck will deliver the message you need right now.

Thirty-four original paintings by renowned world-peace artist Andrea Smith, each a visual meditation unto itself, will transport you into a state of inner peace & awareness.

Each piece of art is paired with a theme for you to contemplate, along with a deeper reflection in the accompanying guidebook.

Designed to be easy to use & to the point, the Enlighten Up Card Deck is infused with the intention for you to find stillness in your being and the answers you seek.

Feel the light.

Be enlightened.

And enlighten up.

Includes 34 Cards & 80 Page Guidebook. 

By Andrea Smith.

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