Earth Warriors Oracle



A new world is being born.

It is founded on love & awareness, releasing the knots of fear & hate. 

Our new reality is gaining ground, yet during this precious transitional moment of birth, it needs protectors. 

Earth Warriors are guardians of this new world, inspiring humanity to prosper & thrive in loving harmony with the wisdom of life. 

Defying convention & living from the heart, Earth Warriors urge humanity forward with enormous positivity & passion for meaningful contribution & sacred purpose. 

Ready to act for truth, Earth Warriors shine light into darkness when those who trade in fear wish to keep it hidden. 

Earth Warriors are wise, wild & willing to crack open mainstream conditioning with their loving consciousness of freedom. 

They are bright lights, creative visionaries & sacred custodians of the should of Earth & the human collective. 

Explore diverse spiritual lineages & awaken to an inclusive & unifying spirituality that can strengthen the collective soul of humanity. 

This unique oracle expresses universal wisdom to empower your soul of courage & optimism. 

Its time to fulfil your sacred purpose to awaken, heal & protect humanity & our divine planet. 

May we do so together, with love. 


44 cards & Guidebook Set. 


By Alana Fairchild. 

Artwork By Isabel Bryna,