City Witchery

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Accessible Rituals, Practices & Prompts For Conjuring & Creating In A Magical Metropolis. 

Bring Magic To Your City Life.

Magic is everywhere but many city dwellers struggle to adapt traditional magic practices to the realities of urban life where nature, time, space & resources are scarce. 

City Witchery is an accessible & intuitive guide to making & finding magic as a city dweller, traveler or someone living in a small apartment. 

From constructing portable or permanent alters & working with herbs in apartment magic to performing bibliomancy in your city library & working with nature & the moon in city spaces, City Witchery offers a new, attainable way to live intentionally in a city. 

  • Tap into your inner magic -  within the context of a city environment or while traveling. 
  • Make your apartment magical - lean kitchen witchery & how to reframe city limitations to reveal potential & inspiration. 
  • Write magical poetry -  inspired by your city & travels. 

By Lisa Marie Basile. 

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