Find the perfect gifts for the Libra in your life. 

Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23.


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Clear Quartz (Raw)Clear Quartz (Raw)
Clear Quartz (Raw) Sale priceFrom £1.50
Clear Quartz (Medium)Clear Quartz (Medium)
Clear Quartz (Medium) Sale priceFrom £3.00
Clear Quartz KeyringClear Quartz Keyring
Clear Quartz Keyring Sale priceFrom £4.50
Libra Heart Pendant
Libra Heart Pendant Sale price£4.50
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli Sale priceFrom £5.00
Liberty Plastic Crystal Bottle
Lapis Lazuli Chip BraceletLapis Lazuli Chip Bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Chip Bracelet Sale priceFrom £5.00
Rose Quartz Heart (Small)Rose Quartz Heart (Small)
Rose Quartz Heart (Small) Sale priceFrom £5.00
Rose Quartz Keyring
Rose Quartz Keyring Sale price£5.00
Zodiac Candles (12 Styles)Zodiac Candles (12 Styles)
Clear Quartz Crystal StrawClear Quartz Crystal Straw
Clear Quartz Crystal Straw Sale price£10.00
Rose Quartz Heart Chakra EarringsRose Quartz Heart Chakra Earrings
Rose Quartz Crystal Tree
Rose Quartz Crystal Tree Sale price£10.00
Clear Quartz Root Chakra Earrings
Rose & Strawberry Quartz Heart EarringsRose & Strawberry Quartz Heart Earrings
Lapis Lazuli TowerLapis Lazuli Tower
Lapis Lazuli Tower Sale price£24.00
Rose Quartz PendulumRose Quartz Pendulum
Rose Quartz Pendulum Sale priceFrom £12.00
Clear Quartz Hearts (Small)Clear Quartz Hearts (Small)
Clear Quartz Hearts (Small) Sale priceFrom £5.00
Zodiac Picture FrameZodiac Picture Frame
Zodiac Picture Frame Sale price£9.99
Rose Quartz PalmstoneRose Quartz Palmstone
Rose Quartz Palmstone Sale priceFrom £5.00
Rose Quartz Glass Crystal BottleRose Quartz Glass Crystal Bottle
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Air Element Neroli Crystal CandleAir Element Neroli Crystal Candle
Air Element Neroli Crystal Candle Sale price£10.79 Regular price£11.99
Libra NecklaceLibra Necklace
Libra Necklace Sale priceFrom £15.00
Libra Crystal Gift Box
Libra Crystal Gift Box Sale price£13.99