Black Obsidian Palmstone

Chakra - Base

Zodiac - Scorpio, Sagittarius 
Element - Earth/Fire

Obsidian is best known for its protective properties, it forms a barrier against negative energy. Blocking psychic attacks & negative energies from the surrounding environment. 

Stimulates growth on all different levels, from explorations to new beginnings of the unknown. 

Using obsidian in meditation can help to clear confusion & clarifies your focus. Also helps you to find your truth & learn who you are. 

Dissolves emotional blockages & traumas, creating compassion & strength in its place. 

Healing properties of Obsidian:

  • Aids digestion,
  • Detoxifies,
  • Reduces arthritis, 
  • Eases joint pains,
  • Releases cramps. 

 Price per Palmstone!

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