Soul Treatments

£60 – 60 minutes

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning cosmic or universal life force. Healing means restoring harmony to mind, body and spirit. By using gentle touch, the energy in your body will be balanced, thereby creating healing.

Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself. It is possible to heal at any level of being: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Reiki natural healing may be used to energise you when you feel drained and calm you when you feel afraid. It can help you:

  • Sleep
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Relieve asthma
  • Migraines
  • Stress
  • Relieve pain
  • Accelerate healing of wounds, injuries and infections
  • Help prevent development of disease and much more.

Available: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays

Sound Healing

£60 - 60 minutes

Rejuvnates mind, body and promotes physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing 
Sound and vibration is so relaxing that it helps in healing of several mental and psychological ailments such as migrane, anxiety, depression, body and muscle aches 
vibrations help in clearing up blockages by increasing mental and emotional clarity 
Provides deep relaxation and as a result many find it promotes sleep, helps stimulate blood flow  
Chakra Therapy session Cleanses and Balances Chakra and aura
Also used as tool for clearing up negative energy and cleansing of space.
Available: Mondays & Wednesdays


Crystal Healing
£60 – 60 minutes

Crystals have a unique vibrational resonance that can be used to restore stability and balance to the body's energy systems.  They can re-align your chakras and help treat health complaints.

Available: Mondays


Chakra Balancing
£60 – 60 minutes

Our body is made up of 7 spinning wheels of energy called Chakras. When these wheels are misaligned, your energy will be unbalanced. Using crystals, meditation, hypnotherapy and dowsing pendulums this popular therapy realigns your energy and creates harmony and balance.

Available: Mondays & Thursdays


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