28/05/2024 - Group Healing on Body/Eating

28/05/2024 - Group Healing on Body/Eating
Date: Tuesday 28th May
Time: 18:30 - 20:30
Price: £20 (before fees)

Group healing with Helen Regan (Advanced Theta Healer)

For this group healing, we will be looking at how we view our bodies and learning how to love and accept them. We will be looking at the main reasons why some people overeat/binge eat/emotionally eat...and we will be removing, as a group beliefs that no longer serve us/self sabotaging programs. We will be downloading feeling of self acceptance and unconditional love for our bodies and ourselves. Also, how to eat the right foods and motivation for excerise. To finish we will step into The Creators beauty palour, fill ourselves up with beauty, love and self worth.


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