How to use charcoal & resins

How to use charcoal & resins

How To Use Charcoal 

WARNING!!! Always follow the package guidelines on how to handle the charcoal. Be sure to know how to light charcoal safely before attempting this. Charcoal burns at around 1500 degrees f, be sure to exercise caution, unless you want to burn yourself severely or burn your house to the ground... 

Since working with Zen I’ve had so many questions about how to use charcoal. We thought it would be an amazing idea to give you a short video on how to use charcoal discs. 

Charcoal can be used for lots of things and in this instance we are going to be using it to burn Frankincense. Whether it’s filling your home with a beautiful fragrance or for ritual purposes, Frankincense is the number one choice for me.  

Step 1 :- Prepare. Be sure to have everything ready to light your charcoal. Charcoal? Check. Lighter? Check. Fireproof bowl/dish? Check. Tongs or similar? Check. Crushed Frankensence/herbs? Check. Away from flammable items and off any flammable surface? Check. Something to extinguish if it goes tits up like Water/Sand/Soil? Check. 

Step 2 :- Using tongs, pick up a piece of charcoal and light with a lighter or candle. Be sure to wait for it to spark before placing it in your bowl/dish otherwise you’ll have to do it again. (You can also light the disc with an oven lighter whilst it’s in the bowl but this can be a longer process) 

Step 3 :- Once your charcoal is lit wait a few minutes before adding herbs. This is to ensure that the entire disc is at it’s optimum heat. Be mindful that coal has a tendency to spit tiny embers especially during the initial lighting period. Keep your face and flammables away for obvious reasons! 

Step 4:- Once the charcoal begins to look grey it is ready for use. Lightly sprinkle your crushed herbs ore resins on top of the disc adding as much as you desire.  It’s totally up to you what herbs and how much of them you use. Just bare in mind that the more you incense you burn, the more smoke you produce.  So if you’re in a small room, you won’t need much, adjust according to your environment and uses.  

Stay with your lit charcoal at all times. Like candles, it will remain a fire-hazard for as long as it’s still alight. Also ash will develop around the outside of the disc as it burns down, just lightly tap the disc to expose the red ember underneath to continue burning incense.  


You can now use charcoal! Well done! 

If you need any further help or advice, feel free to contact us at our shop or drop in for a one to one demonstration.  

Peace, love n light. Zen 

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