Uncrossing Floor/Bath Wash


Use Indio's Powerful Indian Uncrossing Bath and Floor Wash to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed conditions.

Also the Uncrossing Bath and Floor wash can be used for changing bad luck to good luck, for personal protection and as a spiritual house cleansing.

How to use your Anna Riva Ritual Wash: 

You can pour a few drops of the Uncrossing wash into your bath water, soak in your bath for 15 minutes, while concentrating on your desire. 

Or you can cleanse your home with the Uncrossing wash, by pouring in a few drops of the wash into your mop bucket and adding cold water. When you are mopping your floors, make sure you start at the back of your home and move forward, while concentrating on your desire.

You can also use the Uncrossing wash on your windows to add to the cleansing of your home or business. 

8 fl. oz. (236ml). 

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