Tingsha In A Bag Blue


Pair of traditional style Tibetan tingsas in a material pouch bag.

Please note that colours and patterns of the Tingshas may vary.

Tingsha Cymbals originated from Tibet and are a traditional instrument used in Buddhist practices, like praying and meditation. 

When the cymbals are tapped together they produce a unique sound that is often used for balancing energy & cleansing rituals. 

Tingsha's are not only used in Buddhism but a wide range of religious practices. 

Best way to use your tingsha's is to hang the cymbals by the leather cord, one in each hand, then strike them together. 

One of the most popular uses for the cymbals is cleansing negative energy from your surroundings. It is believed that striking the cymbals together provides the unique tone which cleanses the air of negative energies and creating a peaceful, poistive environment. 

Best times to use the space cleansing ritual is when you are moving into a new home, starting a new job or when you feel the energy shift in your home.

Another use of the tingsha cymbals is sound healing and meditation which helps ease mental stress & anxiety.  Also helps to remove negative energy from the mind and restore healthy brainwaves. 

Using singing bowls with the tingsha cymbals makes the cleansing and healing ritual's more powerful.