The Ultimate Guide To Energy Healing


The Beginner's Guide To Healing Your Chakras, Aura & Energy Body. 

The Ultimate Guide to Energy Healing demystifies energy healing styles & practices & offers accessible techniques that you can use immediately for energetic healing & self care. 

The popularity of energy healing is surging as people seek out alternative means of healing & wellness. 

The vast scope of information available around energy healing can be intimidating, as it intersects branches of the scientific & the spiritual. 

Yet The Ultimate Guide to Energy Healing synthesises & simplifies technical information & practices. 

Learn How To:

  • Develop energetic sensitivity
  • Work with auras & energy fields & protect your space
  • Clean & balance chakras
  • Remover energy blocks & cords
  • Do light body & energetic DNA activations

Techniques for beginner, intermediate & advanced practitioners are included. 

A plethora of information on chakras & energetic anatomy is covered as well as supplemental tools & techniques such as intuitive healing & using light, colour, crystals, pendulums & sound. 

The techniques offered in this book are a fusion of many ancient & modern methods of energy healing. 

Practitioners will learn to incorporate the practice into everyday life & adjunctive practices such as meditation or yoga. 

By Kat Fowler, Healer & Host of the Soul Awakening Podcast.