The Modern Witchcraft Guide To Fairies


Your Complete Guide To The Magick Of The Fae. 

Channel The Magick Of Fairies!

Invite a mystical majesty into your witchcraft practice by invoking the power & wisdom of fairies!

Inside, you'll meet fairy families you may want to work with - & learn which fairies to avoid - while gaining insight into their characteristics & behavior.

You'll find out where & how they live, & discover ways to attract & interact safely with fairy helpers. 

Learn how to entice fairies to partner with you, & how they can elevate your magical endeavours. 

Perform spells & rituals with fairies, with an understanding of just how they can bring another dimension to these practices. 

Powerful beings of a semi-divine nature, the fae can enhance your craft & enrich your self-knowledge. 

Get to know their world - & experience their magick - with The Modern Witchcraft Guide To Fairies. 

By Skye Alexander.