The Fairy Tarot - Mini Deck


Mini Tarot deck.

Tarot Fairy Tale Forest, more correctly called “Tarot Fairy”, because Fairy is a fairy. Forest fairies are playful little creatures who like to joke very much, sometimes it’s not fair. But at the same time they like to help people, and in this case they do it through the lasso Tarot Tale of the Forest.

The deck is built on the tradition of Waite, but the names of the suits are peculiar: acorns, hearts, leaves, bells (Acorns (Wands), Hearts (Cups), Leaves (Swords), Bells (Pentacles)). Some Elder Arcana also were renamed - Justice became Dryad, and Temperance - Sylphide.

Boxed deck (2 x 3¼) includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet

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