Tarot (No Questions Asked)


Mastering The Art Of Intuitive Reading. 

Practical Techniques & Exercises From The Tarot Lady.

It’s not enough to memorise the meanings of the cards, & you can’t do a reading with a workbook by your side forever; you need to hone your intuition.

Without a comfortable connection to your sixth sense, Tarot readings become  cookie-cutter interpretations.

In Tarot: No Questions Asked, you'll explore the basics of intuitive tarot reading - how to read the cards in a perceptive, sensitive fashion & interpret them without questions, backstory or anything to go on. 

Using exercises & examples, Theresa teaches you how to see patterns & clues in the images that brings the cards to life.

"Tarotcises" & journaling prompts throughout will help you embody the energy of the cards, see the story they are telling & learn to trust your gut. 

By Theresa Reed.