Rose Quartz Dual Ended Face Roller


Using a Facial Roller is relaxing which makes it brilliant for de-stressing, as well as getting a 

  • Helps fight wrinkles
  • Helps blood circulation to the face
  • Assists in detoxification
  • Decreases puffiness under eyes and around face
  • Brings a natural glow to your face
  • Helps tighten skin, making it appear more youthful

Some people like to put their crystal roller in the fridge to cool, but it is perfectly fine to use at room temperature.

This facial roller comes in a designed presentation box with clear window. 

Suitable for all skin types. 

Rose Quartz, which is pink in colour is an important stone used in healing and is renowned for lowering stress and tension as well as being associated to matters of the heart. 

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