Peaceful Home Oil


Looking to bring tranquility to your home? Then Peaceful Home Oil is the oil to choice.

When you need to find harmony in your home environment, it is recommended to use 7 Sisters Peaceful Home oil. It is a perfect oil to use when there is intense fighting or anger in the home. 

Peaceful home oil is also said to work well with couples in the home, as it encourages a calming atmosphere, so it brings out better communication skills between 2 people. 

Peaceful home oil can be rubbed on the furniture and doors of the home.

Or you can anoint white candle's with the oil and place them around your home.

If you are using the Peaceful Home oil for arguments between you and your partner, you can try rubbing the oil on your bedroom furniture, to help with good communication.  

Also you can add a few drops of the Peaceful home oil into a bowl of cold water and place in the middle of your home. 

When trying to improve a specific situation, you can use a blue candle and anoint it with the Peaceful Home oil, drawing the oil up to you. Light and recite Psalm 23.

1/2 fl. oz (14.7ml) Glass Bottle.